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Vuitta is an innovative platform, that uses the concept of block chain to provide innovation solutions to various real-life problems.

Examples shown here include the most popular solutions of taxi rides that currently exist in the market.

Current solutions without Vuitta

V3iT- Analytics Vuitta

  • User Opens several apps for comparison.
  • User has multiple accounts that don't share data.
  • Companies offer other financial services and other loyalty deals, compete for data/customer aggregation.

Solution with Vuitta

V3iT- Analytics Vuitta

  • User has one interface that aggregates all offers.
  • Riders have one account that aggregates all txns.
  • Companies optimize to connect peers in best way using reputation calculators and customized services

Adding Vuitta as a platform to any of your solutions provides an ease of use to the user and provides a seamless interface without changing individual applications, thereby keeping the application intact, yet providing the better of the solution to the end-consumer.

Vuitta is being used as a platform to help self-driving cars and many more applications.