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Solution providers to Discrete Manufacturing

V3iT team specializes in providing customised solution to manufacturing industries where products are manufactured either as a standard product but huge volumes or tailor made products which require complex BOM and operations.

Many companies which make tailor made products based on customer specifications require a variety of material combinations. These may be material construction, dimensions, weight etc.

Complex products have to be supplied in a very highly competitive market which is also very price sensitive. A particular challenge is to supply a variety of variations of the existing product by modifying some of its dimensions or material of construction or some other parameters.

Following are some of the solutions we can offer

Customer Related Process

Manual Contract review process was replaced by online contract review process where the Purchase Order received from customer is stored as a soft copy for the sales order created and reviewed by Manager and release status marked for each sales order item wise and header wise.

Customer acknowledgement letter generated and sent as a pdf attachment to an email to the customer as soon as the Order is booked in the system. Monthly order status communicated to the customer thereby reducing his anxiety.

Client complaints are recorded in the system against return orders and reason for rejection entered for removal of block against the return order generated. System provides the ability to receive the material back rework on the same or scrap the material, reverse the excise amount and the customer provided with credit note for the said amount. Analysis of such orders generated from the system to track number of complaints received in a month/quarter/year.

Purchasing Process

MRP run can be automated thereby triggering generation of Purchase Requisition and planned orders.

Purchase Orders can be directly converted from Purchase requisitions, approvals can be sought via mobile phones thereby having a transparent purchase process.

System provides ability to compare the prices offered by various vendor along with other add on prices like freight, Packing and Forwarding and payment terms. The system also suggests the best vendor selection so as to make the right choice. Vendor evaluation also provides details of vendor supplies made based on delivery dates and quality of product supplied.

V3iT Consulting,Inc

Approvals towards release of a Purchase Order can be done by the Manager via his mobile device ( Android/ IOS).

V3iT Consulting,Inc V3iT Consulting,Inc V3iT Consulting,Inc

Production And Service Provisions

Biggest challenge faced by tailor made product industry is to link the appropriate material selection from hundreds of similar yet slightly different materials added in the Bill of material based on the different customer requirements can be solved by variant characteristic selection.

Biggest challenge faced in a tailor made product industry is to link the different operation selection for manufacturing products which are customer specific can be solved by variant characteristic selection.

Monitoring And Measuring Process

Streamline the financial accounting by having centralised data based.

Link the vendor payables and also advance payments requested by vendor to Purchase Orders raised, Reference vendor payables to services offered.

Automatic deduction and separation of statutory taxes.

Link customer receivables to orders supplied. Automatic link to centralised tax account to claim benefits.


Get a central location for all Bank accounts, view day to day transactions in the Bank account cleared against customer receivables and vendor payables.

View and send letters to customers with details of receivables and due dates.

When orders are delayed for reasons both from the manufacturers side or customers side Liquidated charges are calculated and provided as a report. Letter can then be generated to be sent to the customer with explanation.

While making a quotation to the customer, ability to provide approximate cost of the finished product based on the average price of the raw material to be used thereby protecting the interest of the company profits.

While an order received is booked, system has the ability to compare the sales value against the cost of the material that will be used in the execution of the order thereby evaluating the profitability for an order. On execution of the order the system has the ability to provide the actual cost involved in execution of the order thereby providing the exact profitability for executing an order and comparing the values with the sales value.

The system has the ability to generate country specific statutory forms and some were customised based on customer requirements.

Analysis Of Data

Mobile based analytical reports allows the management to take appropriate and quick decisions.

Documentation And Information

Repetitive same data entered at the contract review, production, inspection, delivery and billing stage can now be entered only once and copied over at all the other processes. This also allows quality checks performed against data entered thereby also meeting the ISO:9001:2015 requirements.

System automatically takes care of all the revisions made providing a report of all the changes performed along with details of who did the changes when and at what time.