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What is a Agile Development Service?

Continuous development has become a norm to all of IT. New devices, new browsers, new platforms and new way to present data and transact are the new norm.

Parallel Development of multiple projects and conflict resolution has necessitated the means to doing scrum and following the agile development methodology or approach instead of the waterfall methodology of years gone by.

In fact, Agile and Scrum is the means that we at V3iT define the roadmap to innovation.

Not only that, we have actually mastered the art of distributed teams – “Think globally, Code locally” and “follow the sun” has been key mantras at V3iT all throughout.

That has overcome all cultural barriers and eliminated the barrier of differing time zones.

Video and web meetings, chat and other tools are mainstream at V3iT and we have helped our customers with the same and the proliferation of it to our complex customer human-chains have provided multifold advantages to the extent that even customer teams sitting in a single office now are operating like a distributed team.

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  • Why Agile and scrum services needed?

    Need of the hour: Continuous development for the competitive edge.

    • Frequent innovations in technology require upgrades which are disruptive to competitive business: re-engineer the transition processes in smaller modules throughout the life cycle for competitive edge.
    • IoT integration need trials and tests throughout the lifecycle- Agile approach project management solutions for integration of device and application simultaneously.
    • Deployment of innovations/modules co-existing in different stages of advancement disrupts the business processes -need for agile management services for the interdependent components.
    • Increased focus on service management IAAS,SAAS- identifying specific skill sets within technology to support the business.
    • Digitalization enabled expansion of SME has multiple co-existing systems, ERP, and big data but budget limitations- integration of systems single platform at fixed costs.
  • How agile and scrum development services provided?

    Our Services Include:

    • Develop Agile approach Project Management A to Z.
    • Project Management tools.
    • Resource allocation application.