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What is CFO as a service?

Most businesses today require real-time financial information.

Businesses cannot always get the top notch CFO to keep up with the new norms and requirements and yet keep your organization moving it at a pace that keeps up with all the disruptions happening in your industry.

The solution we offer not just offers you CFO as a service, but also helps you get a IT-enabled CFO, who can help work with your business and help you get a visibility into a growth algorithm without losing sight of the risks involved. FP&A, M&A, divestitures, splits, mergers, key benchmarking and trend analysis, IFRS-15 deployment, or IFRS-16 lease valuation compliance, audit preparation and liaison with audit firm are just a few examples of our service offering.

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  • Why CFO as a service?

    Need of the hour: IT-enabled CFO with multi-facet functionality.

    • Dynamic shift of CFO function from a pure finance decision-maker to a strategic business decision-maker in c-Suite (like M&A) –redesign analytics with real time big data in collaboration with CIO.
    • Radical Transitions in finance and accounting principles like revenue recognition and dual reporting - redesign accounting and reporting processes per GAAP and IFRS leveraging CTO services.
    • Today's business world of digitalization, IoT, cloud, ERP, Big data, mobile …. is a transformation of how businesses are done – keep up with Technology.
    • SMEs and MMEs expanding globally but budgetary restrictions – redefine scalability and flexibility and affordability as a part-time CFO.
    • SMEs preference to multiple systems co-existing instead of traditional ERP- integration on a single platform for efficiency.
  • How CFO as a service?

    • CFO-CIO Utility Partner: Prefabricated ITAAUS solutions for CFO modelled as ”a la carte” per usage or “buffet –one price get-it-all”
    • Collaboration Use and market ITAAUS: Prefabricated modules for each of your customers for use and market.
    • CIO/CTO Partner: CIO services and tools for your entire gamut of pre-specified CFO services You decide how much It you want like email, ERP, SCM, CRM, dashboard
    • FP&A business partner: You focus on the core capabilities and value adding decision-making while we provide your back-end CIO services.
    • Partner host cloud: Partner-managed cloud space …Simply set up in-memory platform and provide utility modules.
    • CFO-CIO Consulting /outsourcing
    • Global expansion