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What is CIO as a service?

We can guide technological novices from point A to Point Z and we can engineer complex solutions with the most seasoned CIOs.

We will run wiring, procure equipment, carry equipment, research and source software, manage projects, and create elegant yet simple, repeatable, reliable technological solutions: soups-to-nuts service!

Whether it is just installing and testing software on a few laptops or designing and installing networks capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of users, we have done it. You want to embark on newer initiatives such as Internet of Things, Machine Intelligence, Big Data, Social, Mobility or Cloud, we can help in all of it.

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  • Why CIO as a service?

    Need of the hour: CIO as a business-led partner to C-suite.

    • Dynamic shift of CIO function from a pure technology decision-maker to a business-led advisor in c-Suite – collaboration with CFO a point of confluence between business needs and technical capabilities.
    • Radical Transitions in digitalization of businesses and technology like premise to cloud, IoT, software, machine intelligence, devices sensors- innovation and reshape legacy and architecture platforms to IoT and cloud.
    • Increased focus on service management IAAS,SAAS- identifying specific skill sets within technology to support the business.
    • Digitalization enabled expansion of SME has multiple co-existing systems, ERP, and big data but budget limitations- integration of systems single platform at fixed costs.
  • How CIO as a service provided?

    Our Services Include:

    • CIO Advisory Services
    • Complete Technology Services
    • Technology Hardware
    • Technology Research & Selection
    • Technology Installation
    • Technology Support
    • Technology Education & Training
    • Project Management
    • Security and Penetration Testing
    • Systems and Database Administration
    • Contact Management
    • Innovation Management