Story of a “Tech savy” Controller-…. need to equip

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My Story starts with “need to equip…”

For the past 20 years, to become a “Tech savy” Controller of Small and medium size controller (SMEs and MMEs). I equipped myself, along with the GAAP/IFRS/ taxation/Consolidation updates, with updated versions of user-friendly accounting software like Quickbooks, ERPs like Dynamics NAV and SAP-FI and customized to the industry’s traditional finance modules.

The ‘Whens and Whys’ of the digitalization rather non-digitalization of the SMEs/MMEs are always affected primarily by the constraints of budget, data mining capability and scalability of existing ERP upgrades. So then what about the ‘hows’ of FP&A and MIS for the C-suite?
So, I equipped my business with an ‘IT expert’ and many innovative sub-systems like QB-POS version, CRM, the BWs and the SQL analytical tools, Crystal/Jet reports or simply out of the data-dumps in excels.

Today there is so much system proliferation that integration for a consolidated bird’s eye view for C-suite means a time-consuming over-costly process, requiring an expert team for each system and is available only “after” the fact.

So there is a need for a low cost IT innovative solution to integrate “before” the fact and plus an implementation GAAP/IFRS-15.

So now what? With my limited resources, a cloud-based integration/tool or predictive analysis or SAAS or overhaul to a new ERP system?

Oh I wish I could afford a CIO-business led advisor to take these decisions! ….. need to equip myself with s/4Hana Simple finance and IoT. ….

And the controller in me is back to square one!! Need to equip….

Like me, many other Controllers and CFOs of SMEs/MMEs are caught in these ever expanding dilemmas.

Working with High tech in Low Tech SMEs/MMEs

Dilemmas and V3IT solutions

  • Digitalization of businesses is changing the way the businesses are done.
    It is the industries outside of the tech sectors that are ones who struggle to understand how to grasp and harness the digital capabilities available to them. Says Frank Friedman in the article CFO in 2020 on ERP, IoT, ERM, Mobile/cloud technology, SAAS, Big Data, predictive analytics, cognitive analytics, social media all need to be migrated from/integrated with the multiple co-existing reporting systems such as accounting software or ERP platforms.

SAP S/4 HANA is a unique offering to convert your existing IT solutions into the state-of-the art in-memory based solutions on a simple form of SAP at a zero risk implementation cost using the try before you buy advantage. It is real-time ERP with SAP Fiory solutions. The convenience of paying OPEX as opposed to CAPEX is an added advantage along with benefits of Real-time Analytics/Reporting, social, mobile and Big data support.

  • The financial health and growth of an organization is now closely connected with a collaboration of a CFO and CIO. SMEs with complex work-flows and processes have more often found trapped in a budget-restraining dilemma business strategist CFO or a dynamic technologist CIO.

A FP&A business partner to free up resources to devote to higher value activities support better decision making with 3 C’s Capacity, Capability and Collaboration.

While you focus on your business let us help you transform your business with the new tools and technologies and propel it to the next step that your business requires to go to.

A trusted partner by your side as you implement and support it post-implementation, all bundled into a single total-cost-of-ownership with a clearly justified Return-on-investment.