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V3iT Consulting Inc. Empowers Approyo Ignite, an SAP HANA solution for Oil and Gas Industry.

Naperville, IL, June 14, 2013: V3iT Consulting Inc., and SAP- services partner, collaborated with Approyo for a SAP certified solution, Approyo Ignite. Ignite, delivered by Approyo, and provides a flexible data modeling, with instant access to all of your transactional and analytical information - in real time and from almost any data source.

Market conditions are changing in the blink of an eye. To thrive in such an environment, companies must have immediate access to relevant raw data, presented in a way that facilitates good decision making.

Approyo’s Ignite service offerings for SAP HANA empower companies and public sector organizations of all sizes to: process enormous volumes of data at unprecedented speeds; drive greater efficiencies through existing processes; and enable innovative analytics, cloud and mobile applications. As you transform your organization into a real-time business, you will be better able to capture new opportunities, speed up innovation and streamline your operations - all for a healthier bottom line.

A Flexible, Cost-Effective Platform for Putting Data to Work

Ignite offers an impressive array of features and benefits in a turnkey, analytic solution, including:

  • Direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of other operational systems. In near real time, synchronize key transactional tables, making these tables easily accessible for analysis and lookup.
  • Streamlined workflow from idea phase to the analysis model. Workflow through SAP HANA covers the entire process, from identification of relevant operational data to generating semantically-grouped information, to publishing the completed models.
  • Access to any data, regardless of source. If your organization requires operational data from non-SAP applications or if you’d like to expand on existing analytic models, any data source can be utilized by SAP HANA.
  • Standard interfaces to existing applications, operational systems or other business applications. SAP HANA does not disrupt existing landscapes, yet easily leverages the investments you’ve made in connected business intelligence assets.

About V3iT Consulting, Inc.

V3iT Consulting, Inc. provides FIXED COST SERVICES with Guaranteed SLA for SAP BW and Business Suite for HANA Migrations, SAP Simple Finance enablement, SAP cloud deployment for non-prod systems, SAP FIORI / Personas deployments and support, SAP Migrations to cloud and hybrid (cloud/on-premise) deployments, SAP HANA / BOBJ/ Predictive Analytics deployments and support, SAP AMS Support, SAP Implementations, and IOE Deployments.

Market Differentiators: V3iT is the only SAP partner providing FIXED COST services to SAP customers and has been instrumental in successfully demonstrating this for the past 15 years.

Competitive Positioning: With our 100 SAP certified Consultants and being an education partner in India and services partner in USA, our onshore-offshore presence along with alliances with data centers makes us perfectly aligned to becoming a one-stop solution provider for all customer needs in the small and medium size customers. V3iT is SAP VAR for ERP (BAIO), HANA and Analytics. We are also on GSA schedule-70 and serve various Federal agencies and Federal government.

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