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Success Stories

Businesses need technology investments in the data centre to drive impactful outcomes: faster IT services, nimble response times, and flexible solutions that balance the desire for greater agility, automation, and efficiency.

Faster response times implementing HANA enhances IT maintenance and improves team collaboration by 20%

Implementing HANA helps a Chemical company enhances revenue by improving customer service standards and cutting on delivery

Running SAP Business Planning and Consolidation on SAP HANA platform, makes forecasting matter of seconds

SAP BAiO implementation helps the print communication and media company streamline business processes, control revenue leakage, improve marketing strategies, and make sales and returns more efficient while using real-time analytics

Improving Financial visibility for tighter control and better-informed decision making for a global customer

The mid-size client in Chemical industry was striving to realize its goal through its advantage in the scale of its production capacity, technical innovation, and brand management. With its recent investment in the SAP® Business All-in-One solution and V3iT...


Business All-in-One implementation for Lifesciences Customer

The 11 week SAP implementation for the life sciences customer helped it comply with the stringent FDA regulations. Per the Manager at the customer, "SAP offers the ASAP Focus method to implement the 'ERP baseline', complex and long lasting...


Improving Inventory Control, Operational Efficiency and Reporting Analytics

The Oleochemical customer needed to develop an IT organization, implement a new ERP solution, and automate multiple complex business processes. It needed a single, cost efficient system that could serve our global operations. SAP BAiO provided a lean, standardized solution that could be quickly implemented to help them improve ...


Optimization and Integration of Global operations

It was only logical that the newly merged company decided to standardize its processes using SAP Business All-in-One solutions. Here is the remaks from the chief at client team "The management team liked the way that SAP Business All-in-One...


SAP and V3iT helps in cost reduction and improve traceability for the Food & Sciences customer

SAP® Business All-in-One partner solution provided many benefits to this food and beverages customer, including complete batch traceability and precise overview of stock levels and shelf-life dates of all products. The client team now controls all of its...


SAP BAiO implementation helps the Chemical industry customer abide by regulations and increase transparency

The SAP implementation helped customer improve demand and production planning, enhance ability to properly analyze stocks and to locate expired, near-expiry, and non-moving inventories and to make appropriate decisions.

V3iT helps the Aerospace and Defense Customer to challenge new challenges

The Aerospace and defense customer not only provides government and industry with weather modification services, such as hail suppression and rain enhancement programs, it also offers aerial spraying and fertilization for the farming community.The SAP BAiO implementation provided more accurate and timely decision making, increased...


SAP Unstructured Big Data Analytics for Enabling preventive maintenance

SAP SRM Enterprise-wide Spend Improvement

Case Study – SAP Data Validation

SAP SRM – global sourcing/ procurement

V3iT completes SAP roll-out for Brady’s trading division in record time

V3iT’s HANA POC concept helps major player in industry test-run HANA

SAP AMS support provided by V3iT saves a major government agency offset layoffs by better IT planning

V3iT helps Approyo develop and get HANA product for O&G in 10 days

A major public sector customer saves over 25% with predictive analysis of budget formulation provided by V3iT