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Human Capital Management

My Time Sheet

A quick and easy means for employees of the organization to maintain their attendance on the go!. Employees can easily select the dates/days from the calendar and pick the type of attendance (Production hours/Business Trips/Training etc.) from the list. Entering a note is also an option where the employee can communicate to his Approver/Manager. The cretaed Attendance will be saved as draft initially whcih would allow the employee to modify for the dates / type of attendane or delete the time entrybefore submitting it to the Approver/Manager.

Approve Timesheets

Post the employees enter their attendance; Its Approver/Managers job to view and take the further action of approving or rejecting the time entries. The Managers can quickly check the pending approvals for their direct reporters, view weekly summary, view detailed list of rejected requests and take the decision of either approving or rejecting the time entries leaving a rejection reason note (if any) which will be communicated back to the employee.

My Leave Request

With My Leave Requests you can enable employees to create and submit leave requests quickly and flexibly, using their desktop or mobile device. Using this, the employees are enabled to track the status of their requests and view their current leave balance on the go!. Leave requests are created from choosing the leave types and the dates from the calendar and by entering notes (if any). The employees can view their leave history as well.

Approve Leave Request

Approving the leave requests is Approvers/Managers job. Once the employees creates the leave request and submits, it reaches to his Approver/Manager for further action. The Managers can view the list of the requesters and either approve or reject the leave request with the rejection reason.

My Paystubs

With My Paystubs you can enable employees to check and manage a digital version of all their paystubs issued by the company for each payroll period, easily and flexibly using their desktop or mobile device. Using the app, the employees can display, download and/or print the paystubs for any pay period for which the payroll is run.

People Profile

With this app People Profile you can enable employees to display an overview of their own information like incomplete time recording, upcoming leave, upcoming courses. one can also view the company profile, organizational and communication details as well as navigate to the employee hierarchy. The app allows the employees to apply for leaves, maintain time data and check for the personal information maintained in SAP system. Viewing Paystubs and Salary and Bonuses is made easy as a click here will display the payslips of the employee as well as the salary and bonuses in graphical representation.

My Travel Request

In My Travel Requests, employees can manage their own travel requests in real time using your desktop or mobile device. The app allows to create the travel requests by mentioning the purpose of the journey, destination, journey dates, journey cost etc. The created travel requests can be edit, submit, and delete as well. One can also check the status of the submitted travel request at any time.

My Benefits

My Benefits app provides employees a quick and easy overview of the benefit plans to which they have been enrolled, ensuring that the employee has all the details of the benefits offered by their company at their fingertips. The app displays all the enrolled plans and the details. Employees can also download a pdf form which will summaries about the plan. for more information, a click on the attachment button will take the employee to the Government website that displays all the micro details of the plan.