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Plant Maintenance

Equipment - Fact Sheet

Quick view of part of machine / technical systems, provides information of manufacturer, manufacturing date, serial number, equipment location like where it is installed , maintenance plant, installation information, person / group of persons responsible for equipment maintenance. Also shows the cost center where the maintenance costs are updated. Provides quick view to maintenance manager, supervisor or technician about the maintenance orders for the equipment, notifications for breakdown or planned maintenance.

Functional Location - Fact Sheet

Functional location is the place where the maintenance task is to be performed. This give a quick look of location or address, manufacturer, category, whether it is a machine used for production activities, maintenance and planning plant, cost center used to update maintenance costs. Shows mantenance activities to be carried out with person responsible.

Maintenance Notification - Fact Sheet

Maintenance notifications are used in maintenance processing in the event of a malfunction / breakdown or exceptional situation to discribe the exceptional situation at the machine, to request the maintenance department to perform necessary task and to document the work that has been completed.This gives quick view of notification type for example whether it is a breakdown or service request, activity report, customer complaint, etc. Provides data like date of creation,plant,location and parts of machine, details of person who created request for maintenance. Maintenance technician can view the detailed information of tasks and activities to be performed with start and finish dates and time, type of damage, current system status and outstanding tasks. Notification history can be recorded which will be useful for future maintenance planning.

Maintenance Order - Fact Sheet

Maintenance order specifies which maintenance task is to be performed at which place or machine with the operations and material required. It also specifies the person responsible for planning and execution, dates and time to start and finish the task. Maintenance order also define how the costs are to be settled.

Maintenance Plan - Fact Sheet

Maintenance plan is description of the maintenance and inspection tasks to be performed at maintenance objects/ machines. The maintenance plans describe the dates and scope of the tasks, thereby ensuring that your technical objects function optimally. Maintenance manager can structure maintenance plan suitable as per the business process. This provides details of maintenance strategy, category, maintenace cycle scheduling and start date, cost center where the costing is updated. Maintenance technician can view the data like machine or place of maintenance task and maintenance cycle.

Completion Confirmation - Fact Sheet

Completion confirmation is the declaration of the maintenance task or operations completion. This provides a quick view of operations or sub- operations executed,who perform the work at which place or machine, what was the planned dates and time and actual complation dates and time, which material / components are consumed, against which order the task is performed.

Measuring Points and Measurement Document - Fact Sheet

Measuring points or counters are mounted on machines, for example a flow meter for oil pump, readings are taken at the counter are then transfer to the system by measurement document (manually or automatically) where the readings are entered, so maintenance technician can perform the maintenance task at particular intervals. This provides quick view of location and machine where the counter or measuring instrument is mounted, measurement range limits, unit of measurement , annual estimate of measure that is the value which the machine achieve annualy.

Object Link - Fact Sheet

Object link provides quick view of the links by which two machines are connected for example machines connected by conveyer in production lines or two pumps conncted by pipe line. This gives a quick view of link discription, details of the machines connected, in which network the link is located, medium which passes through the link, validity of link, whether the flow possible in oneway or twoway. Object link can be created as equipment object link so maintenace manager / supervisor can make maintenance order for the link.

Task List - Fact Sheet

Task list discribe a sequence of individual maintenance activities which must be repeatedly performed within a company. This gives quick view of where the task list is used (machines), task list usage like for maintenance tasks, status whether it is released or not, planner group responsible and inspection points at machines. This also gives quick information to the maintenance technician like operation sequence, dscription of operation / activities to be performed, planned duration for the operation.