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Top 10 reasons to move to V3iT Cloud

Experiencing Performance issues?
Aging Hardware?
Stuck up to old release?
Cannot upgrade and take advantage of new features to stay competitive?

V3iT provides end-to-end Cloud services as a utility service.

Most Cloud Providers will support only to the OS stack or up until the SAP Basis Support Services. Our support services include even Application layer. Backed by people who have been doing this as a profession since early 1990’s, V3iT provides plethora of possible solutions to fit your business and strategic needs.

Top 10 reasons to move to V3iT Cloud:

  • Low-fixed monthly cost
  • Upgrades, support packs all included in the cost – so customer has zero risk, exposure and worries
  • Hardware need is elastic, so no long-term contracts (month-to-month is ok). This is good for swing space for trials
  • High speed hardware
  • Zero oversubscription of hardware
  • Resilience which can give an absolute zero downtime for production instances (that is unusual), since most data centers are just starting to implement and we are already there
  • Very less RTO and RPO at the low cost – DR is included in our solution for all production systems
  • SAP application and basis maintenance can be included in the low cost
  • Cloning and system copies can be included in the demand in an automated manner from soups to nuts, so absolutely no need to wait for long refresh cycles
  • Most importantly, all hardware is certified for SAP HANA from the get-go