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V3iT enables companies to grow through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring, and reorganization. With ARJUN, V3iT has developed the world’s first off-the-shelf software solution for automated analysis and standardized implementation of any-to-any transformation in enterprise systems. Our transformation platform is based on the experience gained in over 2,600 successful projects completed worldwide. V3iT Consulting, Inc, gained this experience with its software- related services to Transform Your Business from Any ERP.

A Solution Built Around a Proven Process

ARJUN is more than just a suite of software tools. At its core, it’s a custom- tailored process for transformations in any ERP — a set of steps that guarantee predictable and accurate transformation results while preserving system integrity. V3iT incorporates decades of business system consulting experience and validated methodologies into ARJUN. The software solution has a built in understanding of the relationships between Master and Transactional Data within an ERP’s architecture. This enables ARJUN to employ proper techniques, in the correct sequence, to accurately transform existing ERP environments in-place as well as from any ERP system into another landscape.


  • Preconfigured Components for Transformation Scenarios
  • Supports single-use migration and scheduled interface processing
  • Centralized Rule Management
  • Configurable Run-Time Modes
  • Full Audit Reporting
  • Optimized Execution Performance
  • Excel mapping integrations
  • Duplicate Data Remediation

Any to Any Transformation Model

Business growth is supported by ERP growth. Using the Any to Any transformation model, your business can focus on strategic initiatives and not be hindered by IT complications. Translating business process and critical data into common objects and elements allows for seamless integration along with client specific codes or data to be interpreted and applied to incoming data. Leveraging the common object model allows for data from any ERP to pass into the software and return in the desired ERP format.

Sometimes business growth can only happen through divestiture. The Any to Any transformation model helps your business move its data out of your system and into the desired format. Engaging the common object model makes the transformation easier on both sides of the exchange. Using V3iT ARJUN helps to eliminate lengthy extraction processes. Reducing time and resources during this process allows your business to move beyond the transformation and continue to grow unhindered.

Transform in Months, not Years

Complex transformation projects relying on man days and manual efforts can take years to complete. V3iT’s software-based approach to transformation using ARJUN with preconfigured components for all transformation scenarios, like merges, splits and harmonization, eliminates the need for writing custom applications, risky SQL procedures, and other brute force approaches.

Predefined system road maps, transformation rules and validation tests allow the transformation process to begin immediately following installation of the software. As existing project requirements change, transformation content is dynamically rebuilt for immediate needs and made available for future use when additional transformation projects surface.

Leverage Your Transaction History

Transformation project methodologies electing not to convert transactional history often result in continued maintenance of legacy environments and creation of the “bridge to nowhere” in order to perform drill backs on historical data. ARJUN provides an organization the ability to convert historic, transactional and master data so that the end-state, transformed ERP system will look like the organization was using the system all along – no legacy system maintenance required.

Maximize Business Continuity

As a transformation project increases in size and scope, the windows in which it must be executed often remains fixed. ARJUN’s  Execution  Scenarios scale to any iterative and incremental delivery project to produce quality results in desired timeframes preventing the need for ad-hoc shortcuts and workarounds - the measures  that  result  in  the loss  or corruption  of  critical  data. To maximize business continuity, ARJUN provides options for:

  • Execution Scenarios – Run conversions in Proof, Quick Proof, Final and Near Zero Downtime modes.
  • Transformation Scheduler – Schedule transformation tasks at any time and at any frequency to reduce the impact on human and system resources.
  • Collaborative mapping – Empower the business user – the people who know their data best – to edit maps.
  • Optimized Executions - Send optimized and configurable ERP database updates including duplicate data and account balance aggregation options.

When combined with the accurate conversion results ARJUN delivers, these features augment testing timeframes, while enhancing the overall quality of each testing cycle. Having converted databases in excess of 750 million records in a single weekend, conversion Go-Live using ARJUN fit into almost any schedule window.

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