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In our 15 years of experience, V3iT has been involved with this industry for the past over 10 years now.

With our proven solutions and services, aerospace and defense (A&D) companies can transform the enterprise, stay competitive, and deliver against business imperatives. They can run their operations with smoothly integrated processes to execute programs on time and within budget, make better decisions, and support global expansion. At the same time, they can acquire, develop, and retain the best industry talent.

The Boeing Researchers say the technology could be used anywhere in the company’s manufacturing and assembly areas where paper instructions are required.

V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace
(Picture credit: Boeing) "Glass could easily become a 'game changer' for how Boeing employees complete manual assembly jobs."


V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace
(Picture credit: Airbus) Airbus is piloting the use of a 2-arm humanoid robot at the Puerto Real plant in Cádiz.

Airbus has identified 7 lines of work to optimize its industrial system by 2020. One key area is the increased use of automated techniques, which are already saving time in the traditional processes for identifying and diagnosing faults, issues or defects on the aircraft production line. And Airbus is going a step further, incrementally releasing robotic applications every year or so from 2015 onward. These include lightweight robots and small machining systems designed to handle specific tasks.

The automation of assembly line processes has been and will be in the future one of the main areas of changes. Parts of this trend is the progressive introduction of robots to perform repetitive tasks, freeing up the shop floor employee to assume functions requiring a greater skill or more tasks.

The areas of this automation, where we can help include the following four-pronged approach:


V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace

Business capture and program delivery

Plan, execute, and monitor every aspect of the program while complying with government mandates.


V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace

Designing and building complex products

Effectively design, innovate, and manufacture new products.



V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace

Responsive supply network

Optimize inventory levels, fine-tune supply plans, and integrate strategic suppliers for flawless execution.


V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace

Aftermarket services

Deliver a multichannel customer experience covering maintenance, repair, and operation services; material services; and digital services.

The amount of data generated from aircraft engines equals nearly three times of the total estimated global IP data traffic per year. Like what we did as a measure for the petrochemical industries, a predictive analysis product after the New-Orleans aftermath, we are working with the aerospace industry to build a similar predictive model to use this data and Predictive analysis models to do preventative maintenance by converting data points into actionable information, helping ensure that maintenance technicians execute the right work steps at the right time and with the right tools.

V3iT Consulting, Inc - Aerospace
Picture credit: HP