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Platform Migration Services

When and why would you plan for PLATFORM Migration?

  • Hardware refreshes.
  • SAP Upgrades.
  • Need to move from Non-Unicode to Unicode for mandatory reasons (post 7.4).
  • Restructure/renew OS or DB licenses or move to newer OS/DB.
  • Restructure resources/infrastructure for various reasons.
  • Performance on your current platform does not meet your business needs.
  • Company expansion, M&A, divestitures, splits, carve-outs and several other reasons.
  • New initiatives in areas of mobile, big data, social and cloud.
  • Types of PLATFORM Migration

    • Homogenous System Migration
    • Heterogeneous System Migration
    • Physical to Virtual System Migration
    • Virtual to Physical System Migration
    V3iT- Platform Migration Services
  • Migration considerations

    • Project and Risk management.
    • Coordination with SAP Support for free go-live analysis.
    • Hardware/OS/DB selection, sizing and pricing.
    • Bandwidth – human, machine and network.
    • Technical support before, during and post-migrations.
    • Backup, business continuity and Disaster Recovery.
    • Proof of concept and loaner hardware.
    • Interfacing and Integrating systems.
    • Compatibility of current versions versus need to upgrade.
    • Means to migrate (MPLS/ WAN/ LAN/ DB dump/ Log shipping).
    • Downtime and any seasonal needs of the business.
    • Training ,Testing and Documentation.
  • Challenge - checklist and ways to overcome them

    Challenge to overcome/need to address Means to overcome the challenge
    Nailing in a detailed project plan /execution Proof-of-concept using a near-production-system like replica
    Unicode conversion Migration using a database dump can combine Unicode conversion
    Mitigating or Remediating Risks to business Start with POC and do multiple iterations, test exhaustively to cross all T's and I's
    Ensuring data correctness post-migration Automated scripts ensuring audit compliance by count/ financial reconciliation
    Cost control and Time/ Budget overrun Most migrations today are commoditized and fixed price / time offerings
    Minimizing Downtime to Business Most migrations today have near-zero-downtime options
    Business teams engagement and buy-in Communication, detail plan with precise business team involvement/RACI model
    Semantics /Interference risk remediation Involving all stakeholders and also planning dry run in pre-production
    Peace of mind that we covered all of it Schedule free comprehensive SAP go-live check to ensure second set of eyes
    Multiple SAP systems – big bang or rollout Proof-of-concept addresses it, but always risk averse to do roll-out if feasible
    Change management during migration Parallel landscapes and dual transport landscape retrofit is recommended
  • Platform Migration Approach & Methodology

    V3iT- Platform Migration Services
  • Sample Migration Project Timeline

    V3iT- Platform Migration Services