Is your Cloud Secure? Building Blocks of a Secure Cloud Model

On September 7th of 2017, the world saw one of the biggest security breaches that affected nearly half of the population of the United States. Even for companies that have mature cybersecurity processes in place, sometimes missteps or control failures can occur. Cyber-attacks are inevitable.

Complete And Comprehensive Cloud

Most SAP customers are inundated by the options available when moving to the Cloud. So what are the key features they should look for? The whitepaper discusses the key areas of focus and V3iT’s comprehensive cloud offering in the same, which has won accolades from customers across the globe.

Non-Prod System

The whitepaper talks about the infrastructure and resource bottlencks that SAP customers are facing and options of moving the Non-Prod systems to Cloud

IOFM Whitepaper - 3 Ways Accounts Payable Automation Delivers Value in a Postmodern ERP Environment

This white paper details the critical role of the ERP in today's business environment, the challenges businesses must overcome in a postmodern ERP environment, and how best-in-class accounts payable automation addresses these challenges to help businesses to increase agility and flexibility.